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Elsa Delgado

Elsa Delgado International Runwaymodel /IT manager/ Spiritueel Coach. My name is Elsa Delgado, daughter of Capeverdean immigrants from St. Antoa, born in the Netherlands and raised in Vlaardingen. My parents were hardworking people, so that was the example I had. If you want something you have to work for it.... read more

Publication Date: 7 may 2019



In 2011 Soundproviders started as a DJ duo. They became notorious for their deep & soulfull house. In a short period of time SoundProviders has developed into other music genres and the duo became an all-round DJ duo.... read more

Publication Date: 29 jun 2019


Mayra Andrade

Mayra Andrade gave an impressive concert in the Rotterdam pop venue Annabel. During the visit to Rotterdam, Nosagenda Magazine spoke with this Cape Verdean singer about various topics. Obviously, her music career and the successful... read more

Publication Date: 31 jan 2020


Suzy Almada

Suzy Almada is a upcoming singer/songwriter from Rotterdam. Her repertoire mainly consists of covers of traditional capeverdean music styles which Suzy presents in her own concept. Furthermore she also likes to sing and write kizomba numbers.... read more

Publication Date: 30 jun 2019


Elga de Pina Fernandes

In June 2018, Elga de Pina Fernandes, born in Santiago, founded the Nosagenda platform. Until then, the Cape Verdean lacked a place where both Cape Verdeans and non-Cape Verdeans could celebrate and support the culture of its home country. Eighteen months, two magazines and more than 5,000 loyal followers further, Voja Travel Cape Verde looks back on the start of the platform... read more (NL)

Publication Date: 7 may 2019

In the spotlight

Patone Lobo 

founder Hotel Odjo d’Agua

At the start of October 2019, the Nosagenda Magazine team visited the island of Sal on Cape Verde. The purpose of this visit was to present Nosagenda Magazine to the local community, entrepreneurs and tourists. In the sunny Santa Maria we also had the opportunity to interview entrepreneur Patone Lobo about his impressive... read more

Publication Date: 15 feb 2020

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From different artists, events and activity organizers who have background or interest in Cape Verdean culture.

This is exactly what Nosagenda stands for: to be a platform that centralizes our Cape Verdean activities while motivating and inspiring people to connect in celebration of our culture.

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