About us

Before long support came flooding in. From different artists, events and activity organizers who have background or interest in Cape Verdean culture. This is exactly what Nosagenda stands for: to be a platform that centralizes our Cape Verdean activities while motivating and inspiring people to connect in celebration of our culture. Nosagenda literally means “our agenda”.

An excitingly busy agenda with such a great variety of Cape Verdean activities that you will be amazed what it has to offer. It is a great way to know everything that is going on or will happen within the Cape Verdean community. All nice places, events, activities, news flash & hits from upcoming and famous artists.

Gastronomy, art, music, talents, in short; everything our country is rich in and will fill you with a sense of great pride about our culture. Nosagenda is your GPS that will help you find and locate all not-to-be-missed Cape Verdean activities!

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The team

Elga de Pina Fernandes

Nosagenda was founded by Elga de Pina Fernandes in the spring of 2018. As a native of Santiago in Cape Verde, she migrated to the Netherlands at the age of 14. Happily living in beautiful city Rotterdam she frequently missed her island and the connection with Capverdean community. This was one of the key motivators for the start of Nosagenda.

Ermelindo Leal Gonçalves

At the beginning of the project to create Nosagenda Magazine, Elga asked Ermelindo to join this beautiful initiative. Ermelindo is mainly involved in creating content of the magazine and sales & promotion. He is motivated by the idea to share stories about Cape Verde with the goal to inform and inspire others.

“Being a member of the Nosagenda team is great. As a volunteer I have always learned a lot of meeting new people with a different background and working together to realize ideological projects”.