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Nosagenda released it's first edition of the Nosagenda Magazine in June 2019. Our objective is to publish a magazine in three languages twice a year, in June and December. In English, Portuguese and in Dutch.


In the magazine you will discover the diversity of local talents on a paradise archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, about 500 kilometers from the west coast of Africa: Cabo Verde. A country where love without borders (amor sem frontera) is the unifying factor of all Cape Verdeans in the diaspora. 

Locations of sales


  • Sénhor Gomes – Zuiddijk 16 Zaandam
  • Kapsalon Antonia – Westzijde 154a Zaandam


  • Gall & Gall West-Kruiskade – 1e Middellandstraat 4B Rotterdam
  • Niche Flowershop – Nieuwe Binnenweg 235A Rotterdam
  • Urban Rose Hair & Beauty – Vierambachtsstraat 78B Rotterdam
  • J&A Kappers Benthuizerstraat 68B Rotterdam
  • Consulaat Kaap Verdië – Baan 6 Rotterdam



  • Morena Couture - Mamer
  • Restaurant Sabor di Terra Cabo Verde - 2, Rue Znon Bernard, 4030 Esch-Sur-Alzette

Cabo Verde

  • São Vicente - Zero Point art (Mindelo) 
  • Santo Antão - Casa Maracujá (Paul) 
  • Sal - Hotel Morabesa
  • Santiago - Nice Kriola (Cruz de papa) 
  • Santiago - Livraria Pedro Cardoso (Fazenda) 
  • Santiago - Airport International da Praia 
  • São Nicolau - Restaurant Dragoeiro (Stancha) 
  • São Nicolau - Travel Agency Kretcheu (Toi D’Armanda ) Tarrafal





  • Boston - Embaixada Cabo Verde

Nosagenda Magazine

Nos Agenda

About us

From different artists, events and activity organizers who have background or interest in Cape Verdean culture.

This is exactly what Nosagenda stands for: to be a platform that centralizes our Cape Verdean activities while motivating and inspiring people to connect in celebration of our culture.

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